Lynda Forbes
Astrology, Tarot, Chinese Face Reading, Classes, Seminars, Parties and Private Consultations

​Welcome to my website! Here you will find schedules and information for upcoming classes, monthly Astrology Forecasts for each sign and more. I'm a Michigan based Astrologer and have over 33 years of experience in the field. I read and teach a wide variety of Metaphysical classes. From Astrology to Runes, Chinese Face Reading, Tarot, Animal Totems, and Psychic Development are all available at my office in Fenton.

​​I believe we can all benefit form Metaphysics, whether we are in need of a some direction or ready to stretch and grow on a spiritual level. My goal is to provide information you can apply to your everyday life and help you navigate spiritually on this earthly journey.

I have recently expanded my practice to include some of my dear Metaphysical friends. We have banded together to create Life Guide Center in Fenton, MI. Our fellowship is comprised of very strong individualists who are dedicated to work hard together, yet maintain our separate identities.

​​We all come from different facets of Holistic leanings which is exciting for us and hopefully, for you too. Our combined efforts will bring you a wide variety of services to choose from, such as Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Angel Cards, Hypnosis, Mediumship, Reiki, Life Coaching, Holistic Nutritian, Personal Training, Reiki infused jewelry, original Tarot Card Decks, and much more. 

Together, we have developed a 'Traveling Class or Training Plan,' along with traditional House Parties. If you see a class you would like to have in your home with  some friends or for a special group, let us know! We can conduct classes and seminars on a world of subjects!

Each month, we present workshops and seminars, sometimes separately, sometimes together, that will be enlightening and educational. Each Life Guide will be available for individ
ual sessions as well. Come and see us! We have some exciting events planned!

Lynda is available for private consultations

at :

The Faricy Building, 110 Trealout Dr.,
Suite 105B,
Fenton MI 48430

Phone sessions are also available, along with gift certificates and taped sessions.
The Astro-Logical Choice!
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