Chinese Face Reading: Readings and Training
What is Face Reading?


Intro to Chinese Face Reading: This is a one day seminar designed to give you tips, insight and a basic understanding of the art.

Beginning Chinese Face Reading Two Day Workshop: This Workshop will give you a strong core base, with discussion about the Elemental emphasis and assignment to each facial feature. You will be reading faces by the end of the weekend!

Intermediate Chinese Face Reading: This Workshop will cover each feature much more in depth and introduce you to the Twelve Palaces of the face. This will take your face reading to the next level.

Chinese Face Reading Master Class: In this class, we pinpoint more of the physical relationships, study facial comparison for relationships and cover more predictive techniques.

Workshops on Specific Features: We have begun to teach Intensives on specific main features, such as our ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ workshop just for the ears. We plan to expand on that during 2014 and add one day seminars throughout the year.

Chinese Face Reading Two Day Intensive for Healers: This class is designed for Reiki Healers, Massage Therapists and other forms of healing. We will approach the basics of Chinese Face Reading with a health emphasis in mind. You will learn which areas of the face represent specific organs and parts of the body which will allow you to center your focus accordingly. We also offer more options for healers if you desire to learn more.

Chinese Face Reading for Astrologers: As an Astrologer, I've been intrigued with the correlations between the birth chart and the face. In this class we will focus on these and also on the way a person's face can show us what parts of the chart they choose to express.

Chinese Face Reading for Relationships: Chinese Face Reading can be a great tool when you seek to understand your significant other. In this day of online dating, Face Reading is a valuable tool! As in Astrology, the information in the face can help you understand your children and other important people in your life aid in your ability to communicate with them!

If you are interested in hosting our workshops and seminars or taking one at the Fenton School of Face Reading, please contact Lynda at (810)394-0109.