How does Astrology work? 

                                                          by Astrologer Denise Mathews

On the television show The Mentalist the other day, the character of Patrick Jane said, in essence that the Moon moves the tides, but we have no idea why. If you know the show, then you know he was probably being facetious.

It has been proven by Quantum Physics that everything that exists including we humans is made of energy in varying forms. They have proven the existence of the atom, and have even split it, all without being able to see it. And yet we cannot find proof that the moon moves the tides.

What we can Know though, because we can see it for ourselves, and know it has been true since the Big Bang, is that the moon’s position coincides with the movement of the tides. I propose we can’t prove the moon controls the tides because it does not.

Astrology is one of the oldest studies in the world and after centuries of watching the movement of the heavenly bodies and taking note of events on Earth they have observed this same phenomenon. We seem to be effected by the movement of those heavenly bodies.

Only those who have never seriously studied astrology doubt its usefulness in giving us a clearer view of ourselves and our Cosmos. But HOW does astrology lead us so accurately within and without?

We are like cells in the body, as individual beings on the Earth and the Earth itself, only the body we dwell within is infinite and to us unfathomable. But in the same way we might use land marks to help us construct and use maps, we can use the heavenly bodies to create a model of the inner landscape and workings of this Entity that supports us. Lucky for us, the why way beyond the scope of this thinker, the movement of this Being is precisely repetitive like a fine watch, making it easier to predict its movements, and to record any effects.

I propose a slightly different view than those I have heard and read thus far. I believe the heavenly bodies do not move the tides or influence us. But that whatever forces move the tides and puts vibrational pressure on we inhabitants of the Earth, simply moves us all simultaneously.

A quick analogy to demonstrate what I mean: Two floating candles suspended in a bowl of water bob and weave in perfect tandem when the bowl is moved. Did the one candle move the other?

So why are we effected differently? Check here next month.

Each month there are things that we can program for or encourage to manifest. Affirmations help us to focus our energy in the right place. Below, you will find the positive influences that have to do with the Sign, Libra. You can use these all month but initiating the positive aspects work best around or until the Full Moon on the 6th. Afterward, concentrate on letting go of the negative influences.

                         Positive Affirmations for the New Moon in Libra on the 4th

I will seek out and find serenity           I will honor those close to me I will be fair and honest
I will open my mind                             I will find the perfect partner I will share with others
I will be decisive and clear                  I will balance my activities I will be diplomatic
I will be objective and impartial           I will find the middle road I will be more social

                Things to release on or after the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 18th

I release my people pleasing actions         I release my indecisiveness I release indifference
I release focusing on other’s needs           I release all my imbalances I release discourtesy
I release superficial charm                         I release my fear of being alone
​I release creative blocks                             I release my need to compromise            
 I release gullibility I release self-indulgence

During the Full Moon, we will be working with the energies of Libra and its opposing Sign, Aries. This is one of the clearest of all oppositions to understand. Libra focuses on partnerships while Aries leans toward independence. Ideally these energies balance each other well, but when they are out of sync, people have a tendency to either place all of their attention on their partner or not enough on themselves. Our identity and sense of independence becomes stifled and we begin to pull away from our partner. On the other hand, we may be far too concerned with our own needs and unwilling to share. Sometimes to the point that a healthy relationship becomes impossible. Learning to walk the middle road is the goal.

                              Things to do to find balance on the Blood Moon

      Balance the desire for a relationship (Libra) and the need for independence (Aries)

             Libra                                                                                          Aries

Surround yourself with art and creativity                             Get active/do something physical
Make incense with a group of friends                   Honor yourself when you light the first cone
Plan an outing with your partner                                        Schedule some time alone
                        Out of State Events!