The Astral Meadow: September 2016
Aries: The Solar Eclipse in conscientious Virgo on the 1st highlights your health, work environment and habits along with your attitude about being of service to others. Review what you have learned about these subjects since last August. This event comes on the heels of Mercury Retrograde (August 30th). Think about new projects, resolutions and boundaries you would like to set in these areas after the Retrograde passes on the 21st.

The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on Sept 16th repeats the theme of ‘service and duty, health and work environment.’ The added emphasis is on personal sacrifice and ‘hidden matters.’ Hospitals and institutions may enter the picture. Jupiter has entered your Solar 7th House of partnerships, close friends and public matters. Fasten your seat belt Aries! You have entered a 14 year cycle where you may feel as if you have been shot out of a cannon!

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Taurus: A Solar Eclipse in fellow Earth sign Virgo takes place on Sept 1st, highlighting matters pertaining to children, romance, creativity and your ability to take a risk. This Eclipse connects to another that took place on Sept 2nd, 1997. Use the energy of Mercury Retrograde (through the 21st) to review this time frame and uncover events and what began to change at that time. You are entering a brand new 19 year cycle in all these areas.

The Lunar Eclipse in spiritual Pisces on the 16th inspires some soul searching regarding your involvement with friends, groups and your feelings about personal goals. Listen to your heart. Expansive Jupiter entered peace loving Libra on the 10th. This begins a new yearlong cycle which carries the potential of making of new work contacts, information that can improve your health and ways to improve your work environment. Network!


Gemini: In the midst of a Solar Eclipse in challenging sign Virgo on the 1st and Mercury Retrograde (which you are highly sensitive to) until the 21st, the Universe is sending you a golden gem of a transit! Jupiter goes into Libra on the 10th, increasing your creativity and raising the prospects of new (possibly romantic) contacts for a year. This transit can inspire a time of new understanding with children. Indulge in a creative writing class.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th in spiritual Pisces takes place in your Solar House of career and future endeavors. Time to do some soul searching about how much emotional gratification you are receiving from your job. Another point to ponder is how much you are willing to sacrifice in this arena, something you have examined for a good while. Feeling a bit lost is part of the mix. Incorporate your intuition while keeping the facts in mind.


Cancer: A Solar Eclipse in analytical Virgo takes place on the 1st, beginning a new 19 year cycle with family, siblings and communication. To get an idea how this may affect you, look back to the last cycle on Sept 2, 1997. Mercury is Retrograde in this area until Sept 21st so be aware mixed messages can be part of the mix. This Retrograde may affect your vehicle or transportation. This is not the time to buy a new one! Shop around!

The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 16th takes place in your Solar House of education, in laws, travel and legal matters. Personal sacrifices will be examined. Something to consider is, how thin can you spread yourself? Beneficial Jupiter entered Libra on the 10th, starting a new cycle that continues through Sept of next year. You could consider moving or various home improvements during this time. Old friends will make appearances!


Leo: A Solar Eclipse in conscientious Virgo on Sept 1st occurs in your Solar House of money, values and self-worth. This event arrives on the heels of Mercury Retrograde which has been at work since August 30th. You can benefit from conducting a careful review of your budget. Watch your paperwork, and incoming bills. Educate yourself. Look opportunities for financial growth as well as ways to improve your budgeting skills.

As the Solar on the 1st highlighted your finances, the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th continues the subject. The Lunar however, emphasizes money you owe, along with investments, insurance and taxes. Balancing the budget is only part of the picture. Coming to terms with self-worth issues is another. Expansive Jupiter begins a year of creative ideas, writing and new relationships from now through Sept 2017. Make the most of this great transit!


​Virgo:  Solar Eclipses symbolize ‘new beginnings’ that occur in a particular part of your life. These events take place every 19 years. Think back to where you were and what you were doing in 1997. Was there something you were starting or in the process of resolving? Mercury Retrograde through the 21st will help you review this part of your life. The important thing is you have come full circle regarding your own definition of “perfection.”

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th is in intuitive Pisces. This sign is your polar opposite which begs you to balance your analytical way of thinking with your spiritual side. Now you will explore your feelings around partnership and your closest relationships. Expansive Jupiter left your sign on the 10th and will now transit the sign Libra for a year. If you play your cards right you will see your income grow during the course of this fortunate transit.
Libra: This month brings a complex set of Eclipses that require you to do a little soul searching. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st highlights your health, spiritual side and your attitude about ‘service and duty’ to others. As Mercury is Retrograde through the 21st, be aware of possible mis-communications with others along with miscalculated or misconstrued medical information. Hospitals, retreats and institutions are highlighted.

The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 16th continues this message but also pushes you to balance your active social life with some quality time alone. Jupiter entered your sign on the 10th, beginning a beneficial transit that lasts for a year. During its last cycle you have uncovered and healed many old wounds. This time around you have the opportunity to expand your contacts, form new relationships, and feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Scorpio: This month’s Solar Eclipse in analytical Virgo on the 1st takes place in your Solar House of friends, goals, groups and organizations. This highlights many things you have learned over the last year and emphasizes the need to take stock in this department. Develop some fresh personal goals for this shiny new 19 year cycle! Avoid kick starting them or other new projects as Mercury is Retrograde until the 21st. Research!

The Lunar Eclipse in fellow water sign Pisces on the 16th highlights children, (primarily the first born) creativity and the concept of “love given and love received.” Are these elements of your life in balance? Beneficial Jupiter moved into Libra on the 10th beginning a yearlong transit in the sign. This transit has the potential to help you unlock issues you have carried for years, heal and lighten your spiritual ‘load.’ Open your mind and heart.


The Solar Eclipse in industrious Virgo on the 1st highlights your work and career aspirations. A Solar Eclipse begins a new 19 year cycle. This particular Eclipse relates back to Sept 2nd 1997. Think about what new path you took or one you left regarding these subjects. Mercury has been Retrograde since the 30th and continues until the 21st. Watch for potential mix ups in work related areas. Begin new projects after the 21st.

The Lunar Eclipse in sweet Pisces on the 16th highlights duties at work along with feelings connected with home and family. Both areas of your life need to be balanced now. The efforts you make in both places may need to be tempered in order to create some much needed freedom. Jupiter began its transit in social Libra on the 10th, opening new doors, social circles and creating potential contacts from now until the end of Sept 2017.


The Solar Eclipse in fellow earth sign Virgo on the 1st highlights education, travel, long distance communication and writing, publishing and media. If you have a new book just screaming to be written, begin your research while Mercury is Retrograde through the 21st. The Retrograde here can be great for research but not for beginning your projects. Double check any travel plans, schedules and dates for classes and seminars.

The Lunar Eclipse in soulful Pisces on the 16th examines how you feel about the above subjects as well as events that take place closer to home. The subject of personal sacrifice enters the picture now and you will consider all you give to others. Take note if folks are taking advantage of your good nature. Jupiter entered Libra on the 10th beginning a year of possible expansion in your career. Network, expand and promote yourself!


Aquarius: The Solar Eclipse in organizer Virgo on the 1st takes place in your Solar Eighth House of debt, investments, taxes, insurance and retirement plans. This is a great time to dig in and re-organize your files, look for new plans and review investments. As Mercury is Retrograde until the 21st, refrain from throwing out the debris or starting new policies until after it passes. Try to begin new ones after it passes. This is a new start!

The following Lunar Eclipse in mystical Pisces on the 16th highlights incoming money, self-worth and the things you value. You have a tendency to give away things you love. Make sure you are receiving the same selflessness from others. Jupiter entered fellow air sign Libra on the 10th, beginning a year of expansion with education, travel and media of all kinds. You garner new relationships with people of other cultures and creeds.


Pisces: The Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign Virgo on the 1st begins a new 19 year cycle with relationships, close friends and being out in the public eye. In fact you may be so busy you’ll feel as if you were shot out of a cannon! Keep in mind that Mercury will be Retrograde through the 21st, bringing the potential of misunderstandings and mixed messages. Remember what you have learned about give and take since 1997.

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 16th turns that cannon shot into a seesaw. It’s time to review your feelings regarding those closest to you. As Eclipses ramp up the intensity of the normal full moon cycle, you may feel a bit misunderstood and confused at this time. Beneficial Jupiter entered Libra on the 10th, beginning a yearlong cycle of growth in regard to things you inherit, debts you can clear away and education regarding investments.